The benefits for sponsors, a number, for a monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual, will have a showcase on the Internet to promote their products and website. Promotional banners, search engine submissions, links to your site complements an interesting offer at a reduced cost
The fees are very affordable, and have provided several options for your budget can accommodate your promotional needs, thus being able to campaign for months, quarters, semesters or annually, with discounts specific to each of the options. The costs of campaigns in our portal are personalized, so we quote these offers to each applicant. Please contact us in confidence with a small investment that may prove the most coverage for your business in the world.

Positioning on our site, another advantage is sponsoring the situation of the links on our website, which will make it more light on each visit made to our Internet portal, which will result in increased awareness of the sponsor and website.
The sponsors will have 3 pages on our server with the items to be included, including the same images, links to your site, and send queries directly.
Special pricing deals are also provided on our web hosting services, domain registration, web page creation and computer equipment, printers, laptops, MFPs, software, antivirus, and business management programs.
The banner will be created when the client or the costs involved by the creation we can make the banner must be approved by our technicians and measures will be equally suitable to our services. See the action .. References can see the banners on this page, (400 x 60 and 120 x 108) You can also insert static logos or images of their products.
Links of the sponsors, will be highlighted and redirected to your website within our portal pages, and apart from those contained in the pages of products we have listed on our site. Which doubles the opportunities for consultation.
Confidence given the theme of our site visits to it, according to statistics come from a qualified and decisive character, technical, purchasing managers, engineers, contractors, erectors and installers, etc, in short people with decision in hiring their services.
Digital marketing campaign, with an additional and important discounts, campaigning for digital markening (sending emails,) to potential customers.



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