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To be included on our website, you must send us an email with your details. Once received will be checked by our technicians, to accept or reject the inclusion in our portal.
Rejection: If your application is rejected you communicate by e.mail, including the grounds for rejection. You may oppose sending your claims. In any event we reserve the right to reject any registration of both commercial and free.
Acceptance: If your application is accepted, be informed and carry out the inclusion in the portal. The same will be made within 48-72 hours from acceptance, being informed by e.mail.
Duration: The duration of inclusion will be free for a period of one year, extendable for an equal period. The extension will be requested by e.mail. If not received confirmation of the inclusion will be removed within 7 days.
Modifications: You may modify your data, so as to change a payment method at any time. Should only inform us by e.mail, so as to indicate which option is the one chosen for its new situation in our portal. Check our offers on REGISTER.
Sponsors Advantages: See the advantages of being a sponsor of our website, you can get great discounts, and more advantages in our web, all this and much more, and always in combination with our customers.
Suggestions: you have a suggestion to improve our website, make it to our address soporte, the proposal will be studied carefully and respond to it.
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